Thanksgiving Bingo - 24 Players

$ 12.95
Thanksgiving Bingo Game Set includes:
  • 24 bingo game cards - premium glossy cardstock
  • Player chip sheets - totaling about 15 chips per player when cut
  • Caller chip sheets - totaling 24 caller chips when cut
  • Instructions card

This is a fun Thanksgiving game for kids, at home and in the classroom. It’s reusable, perfect for teachers to save for every Fall season at school.

Please Note: Chips are not pre-cut. Easily cut along dotted lines with scissors.  One winner per set. Playing with more than one set will yield multiple winners.


Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to get the young ones in the spirit of the holiday than with a fun game of Thanksgiving bingo for kids? We’ve designed this game with bright Fall colors like orange and red to bring out the Autumn season feel. These Thanksgiving bingo game cards are professionally printed on premium cardstock with cute Thanksgiving theme designs.

We’ve incorporated bingo squares that include Thanksgiving feast and also Pilgrim style designs. The designs represent the history of Thanksgiving, so you can use this game to teach kids about the reason for the holiday and the meaning of being thankful. Some of the designs are about the seasons changing, like leaves changing colors. The included player chips with maple leaf designs are made to match! This Thanksgiving game is perfect for the classroom, great for Fall Harvest Festivals for preschool through elementary students.

This family-friendly Thanksgiving game is great for Thanksgiving party guests of all ages. Gather the family around the dinner table before the turkey cutting begins to play this fun Thanksgiving activity. Before you play, you’ll need to cut out the player chips and caller chips. We include dotted lines on the chip sheets to make this easy. Cutting out bingo chips is a great activity for kids and students! Please note that scissors are not included, and the chip sheets are not perforated.

Make your Thanksgiving party extra festive this year, with party games that match the feel of your event. Kids will enjoy playing Thanksgiving bingo, and you’ll love seeing their excitement for the day of thanks while they play. The best part is that this bingo game set is reusable, so you can save it for next year, too!