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Little Pumpkin: Rustic Orange - Baby Shower Game - What's On Your Phone and Word Scramble Party Activity - Two Game Bundle - 20 Dual Sided Cards

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These double-sided Baby Shower Game Pack cards will keep your guests talking and laughing together at your rustic fall gender neutral baby shower.  Two games included:  What's on Your Phone and Word Scramble

Break the ice with your guests at your unisex autumn themed baby shower with a What's on Your Phone game - have guests tally up the points for the items they have on their phone. The guest with the most points wins!

Then, flip over your game card for more ice breaker fun. Try to unscramble the baby themed words. Play a race-to win-game to see who can unscramble the words fastest!

20 double sided game cards included - 5" x 7" premium card stock