Happy 65th Birthday Sticker Decorations for Hershey Kisses (Set of 324)

$ 10.95

Celebrate turning 65!  Create cool and delicious party favors or table decorations everyone will love with our Happy 65th Birthday celebration stickers.   

Every package of stickers has ALL 9 Designs Included.  
  • 36 65! on Black Sticker
  • 36 65! on White Sticker
  • 36 Celebrate 65 Orange on Confetti Sticker
  • 36 Celebrate 65 Purple on Confetti Sticker
  • 36 Happy Birthday on Black Sticker
  • 36 Happy Birthday on White Sticker
  • 36 Birthday Balloons on White Sticker
  • 36 Party Confetti on White Sticker
  • 36 Party Confetti on Black Sticker

Each sticker measures 0.75" in diameter and fits on the bottom of Hershey® Kisses, envelope seals for invitations and thank you notes and many other miniature candies. All of the stickers are laser printed so no need to worry about running or smudged ink. The stickers are packed as flat sheets to prevent curling of the stickers.

Candy Not Included.