Bumble Bee Baby Bingo Game - 24 Guests

$ 12.95

Bring your guests together for laughter and fun with this party game: 

Set up your Bumble Bee Baby Shower Bingo Game for everyone to play. Perfect for guests of all ages at your:

  • Unisex Bee Baby Shower
  • What Will Baby Bee Gender Reveal Party

Bee-Themed Baby Bingo Game Set includes: 

  • (24) 5"x7" Black and Yellow Bingo Player Cards
  • (378) Beehive Bingo Player Card Chips (15 Chips per Player) 
  • (24) Caller Chips 
  • Easy Game Instructions Card 

Easily Cut along dotted lines of chip sheets to create player and caller chips. 
Scissors not included. 

Reusable - perfect if you're attending or hosting multiple baby showers, or if you're looking forward to a growing family. 

Please Note: Chips come in sheets. Not precut. 
Chips included for standard line bingo only. Not intended for full-cover bingo. 
One winner per set. Using multiple sets together will create multiple winners.