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Little Pumpkin: Blue - Baby Shower Game Bundle - "Guess Who" Mommy or Daddy and All Things Fall - 2 Sided Game - 20 Cards

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Elevate the excitement of your baby shower with our Blue Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Games! This pack includes 20 dual-sided, high-quality game cards. With our easy to write on, high quality cards, the laughter and friendly competition can go on and on. This game adds a dash of joy and a sprinkle of challenge to your Fall baby shower, ensuring it's an unforgettable event for all!

Who will take more pictures? who will stay up with the baby at night? Have your guests make their guesses with these gender neutral little cutie themed baby shower Guess Who - Mommy or Daddy game.

Then, flip over your game card for more ice breaker fun! Match the things "Fall" to the phrases that describe them. Play a race-to win-game to see who can guess them the fastest!


  • 20 double-sided blue pumpkin themed game cards
  • 5" x 7" premium card stock
  • Easy-to-write-on surface


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