65th birthday party

65th Birthday Party

If you want to add some memorable details to a 65th birthday party, you’ve come to the right place! Our 65th birthday party supplies are specially designed to add some extra decoration to your party. Use our waterproof water bottle stickers to dress up boring party refreshments, or place small, round stickers on an assortment of candies for guests. We have these products and more just for a millstone 65th birthday.

Decorated candies make the sweetest 65th birthday party favors, and we love creating stickers to help you make them. Use our candy wrapper labels on mini size candy bars. Just peel and stick the labels around mini candy bars, and voila! You have pretty candies to set out for guests at the party. Pair these with small candies decorated with our small, round party stickers. These small stickers fit on an assortment of small candy, so you can mix and match the sweet treats that all of your guests will enjoy. Set all your decorated candies out around the party space for tasty 65th birthday decorations, or put them in favor bags for your guests to enjoy later after the event. Please note that candy is not included with your order.

The best part about our stickers is that you can get creative with them! Our amazing customers are always coming up with new ideas with our stickers at their special events. Small, round party stickers are great as small favor bag seals, and they fit on a variety of small party favors like mini candles and more. Tell us how you decided to use them!

We’re here to help, and we’re excited about your upcoming milestone birthday party!

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