Halloween Trick or Treat Tips from Distinctivs®

Get ready for a Happy Halloween with these fun trick-or-treat tips and tricks from all of us at Distinctivs®! We asked several of our team members about their favorite Halloween memories and traditions to help inspire you and your family to carve out some good times this Halloween.

Our Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Erica, has a sweet Halloween tradition in her family. “My kids helps me bake Halloween cookies every year. We go trick-or-treating early and come back home to hand out candy since my kids are little. Then we EAT our cookies, that’s very important!”

Riley, Our Lead Product Copywriter/Product Listing Specialist, has some scary fun memories of Halloweens spent with her friends as a kid. “I used to go trick-or-treating with a group of neighborhood kids every year, and we would take turns scaring each other by hiding while the other kids were at a door getting candy. We hid in bushes, behind parked cars, and one kid even climbed a tree to jump out at us when we left the door!” Her tip? Tricking > treating.

With a little pre-planning, Mia, our Press Operator Associate, always had a lucrative candy-haul on Halloween. “We always went to the rich neighborhoods," she said, "because they always gave out the expensive candy and sometimes money!”

Some of us like to get creative at Halloween by creating our own costumes or costumes for our kids. Shan, our Senior Press Operator Supervisor, made her daughter a fairy costume when she was little—complete with a tutu, a leotard from her ballet classes, and brand new fairy wings!

Our Senior Graphic Designer, Jessi, also has fond memories of making her own costume with her mom every year. “My mom has always been crafty and when I was little she kept a craft box with costumes and accessories in it. Every Halloween, I would make my costume with my Mom using the stuff I’d find in the box. I used a black leotard three years in a row as a black cat, a Power Ranger, and a skeleton.”

“My mama can sew, so sometimes she would make our costumes,” our Customer Service Specialist, Kristy, said. “I remember one of my favorite Halloweens was the year I dressed up in a poodle skirt because my favorite movie was Grease!” Kristy recalls going door to door trick-or-treating as a family in her small town when she was little, but now she takes her kids to their town’s trunk-or-treat every year.  

Halloween is always a major event for Matt, our Chief Operating Officer. “Our whole neighborhood gets into the Halloween spirit! We usually pick a theme to decorate the house with and then we all dress up in costumes to match,” he said. Last year, Matt and his family transformed their house into a zombie-infested one and had fun spooking the trick-or-treaters as they came to grab their candy.

Other members from our team talked about their traditional Halloween memories from when they were kids. May, one of our Production Associates, said, “I lived in a rural area when I was growing up, so I didn’t have a lot of houses nearby to go to. Now, I take my crew to trunk-or-treats in the community.” 

Jessica, our Warehouse Associate keeps it simple at Halloween, too. “My family and I just do the traditional trick-or-treating or go to a Hallelujah Night at church.”

“When I was a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to go trick-or-treating,” our Operations Manager, Keiosha, recalled. “However, now that I have two kids of my own, we get candy bags together to pass out to trick-or-treaters. We decorate the candy with stickers from Distinctivs® of course!” Every Halloween Keiosha, her husband, and their two kids hang out in their decorated garage and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. In between trick-or-treaters they keep busy by carving pumpkins, listening to music, and dancing around and making memories together as a family.

Sam, our Chief Executive Officer, also remembers carving jack-o-lanterns every year. “Growing up in Pennsylvania, leaving a carved pumpkin out for a couple of weeks was not a problem, but once I moved to Florida leaving a carved pumpkin out for more than a few days was a disaster! Between the 90 degrees and hotter days in October, and the bugs…all I can say is eww!“ Now she’s started a new tradition with her husband and son, “we carve a new artificial pumpkin every year and add it to our collection,” she said. They have quite the collection now, 7 pumpkins in total and this year they’ll be adding an 8th!

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Distinctivs®!


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