Top 60 Party Planning Blogs

Attending a party is one thing. Organizing it is quite another. The latter takes more than just ordering the food and preparing the venue.

Planning a party entails a multitude of responsibilities that the faint of heart may find difficult to handle, from choosing a theme, to deciding on the menu, to taking care of the decorations, and to ensuring that it is a party that everyone will remember.

If you’re someone who loves to plan and host parties for special events or you’re doing it for a living, then this article is perfect for you. Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or anniversaries, we’ve gathered 60 of the best and most helpful blogs that can inspire you to plan a party of a lifetime. Check them out!

Baby Shower Ideas

Throwing an unforgettable party for the mom-to-be and her awaited bundle of joy does not come any easier with this ultimate baby-shower guide. Baby Shower Ideas will help you navigate the ins and outs of pulling off this occasion, from the irresistible decorations, unique cake ideas and invitations, to the classic baby shower games and favors. Introduce the new baby in style.

Birthday Party Ideas 4 U

If you’re planning a birthday party, you may as well go all-out. Celebrating yet another revolution around the sun should be done with flair, but not without its fair share of challenges. If you’re stuck in a rut and in need of fresh ideas to help you along, you’ll find an ally in Birthday Party Ideas 4 U.

This blog is a treasure trove of insights from event designers and planners. Get your flash of inspiration on party themes, decorations, food, and games, and plan an amazing birthday party that your guests will talk about for years.

Bella Grey Designs

Being a hands-on party organizer can be pretty hard, especially when you’re doing it all alone. You can find party inspiration, style, and ideas in Bella Grey Designs. Take your party-entertaining skills to the next level by trying out do-it-yourself crafts, amazing tablescapes, and lots and lots of recipes.

Shelley Makes

The creative spirit in you will surely find endless inspiration from this blog. Filled with DIY arts and crafts ideas and tutorials, Shelley Makes is your new best friend as you ponder how to bring your party plan to life. From pretty little things like cupcake toppers and cake cards, this blog has everything.


Planning a party is more than just choosing the right venue and preparing great food. You have to think of everything, from the theme and decorations to entertainment. In Chickabug, you can find fabulous party ideas, themes, recipes and DIY projects. Plus, there are lots of free and editable printables for party decor, food labels, door signs, and party favors.

Do It Yourself Divas

Food is the highlight of every party. From two gorgeous sisters comes a collection of DIY recipes and decor ideas that will help you prepare a party for any occasion. Do It Yourself Divas will actually teach you more than awesome party ideas. It is also a blog rich in tips and tricks for home improvement.

Raisie Bay

Running out of ideas for your kid’s approaching birthday party? The family-oriented Raisie Bay can take care of it for you with its amazing children’s party theme ideas and a range of delectable recipes. Find your inspiration around here, and plan a party that will stay in your kid’s memory forever.

DIY Inspired

The craft lover in you will surely find something special in DIY Inspired. Using craft materials of any kind, from paper, felt, photo, burlap, mason jars, stencilling, gift-wrapping, and printables, this blog also teaches you to repurpose and create treasures from trash. The party-theme inspirations found here are varied, unique, and exciting to try.

Pen + Paper Flowers

Sometimes, the most thrilling part of a party is the preparation stage, when you come up with a party theme, decide on which party supplies to include, and plan the menu. But if you’re stuck in a rut, you can always turn to Pen + Paper Flowers for inspiration. DIY crafts, baking, and taking photos are this blog’s specialty.

Love the Day

There’s nothing like a festivity to mark a special occasion. Whether you want to create beautiful crafts like centrepieces, decors, and backdrops or look for marvelous party themes, Love the Day is the one-stop blog that you need. You don’t need to worry about printables for any occasion either as they can be downloaded here for free!

The Party Teacher

If you’re a mom who has so much on her hands but still wants to organize her child’s birthday party personally, you’re on the right track by consulting The Party Teacher. This blog will make it easier for you to plan and make your kid’s special day a truly remarkable one, all without breaking the bank, getting stressed, and turning yourself inside and out.

It has a comprehensive and step-by-step guide for parties in different themes, a range of party-favor ideas, and free printables. You can even ask for help from the amazing mom behind the blog herself, whose party-planning powers are beyond compare.

The Creative Studio

You’re too excited to plan the party, but there are just too many inspirations when you scoured Pinterest. Instead of helping, it makes the job of choosing and deciding even harder. While you have a theme in mind, you’re stuck and badly need help. Where else should you turn to but a blog for party inspiration and DIYs?

The Creative Studio is filled with party guides, accessible craft projects, and practical styling advice that will make any party you organize a dream.

Homemade Parties

Organizing a party is one thing. Doing it at home is a completely different story. There is so much more to consider when you’re having the party at home, from tables and chairs to backdrops and decorations. It can be dizzying for someone who is doing it for the first time.

Homemade Parties will help you navigate through the twists and turns of a being a hands-on organizer with an array of ideas and inspirations, DIY projects, and party themes. So roll up your sleeves, and get ready for the party preparations. And at the end of the day, don’t forget to celebrate your efforts behind a memorable celebration!

Little Wish Parties

Are you a doting mom who looks forward to granting your little one’s party wishes? Specializing in children’s parties, Little Wish Parties gathers ideas and inspirations from all over the world into one place.

From irresistible themes, featured parties, styling inspirations, latest party trends, and DIY hints and tips, this blog will spoil you for choice. Experience the passion and magic of turning your child’s dream party into reality.

Creative Party Ideas

Parties are where you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure the party you’re planning is one for the books. With the help of Creative Party Ideas, you can take the celebration into the next level.

Learn how to spice up any festivity with unique ideas on party details, from DIY napkin holders and mason-jar-drink ideas, to cupcakes and cakes tailored for every occasion. Finding it hard to decide on the theme, menu, decoration, and venue? This blog has got it all covered.

The Celebration Stylists

The adventurous soul in you would want a party with bright pops of colors and modern twists. In The Celebration Stylists, you’ll find the motivation you need to plan an extraordinary celebration. Here you will find a valuable guide in party planning, an assortment of DIY projects, and party tips and styles that will ensure the success of your endeavors.

The Partiologist

Themed parties and sweets can make all the difference. The Partiologist specializes in both. The stunning recipes will not only make your mouth water. They will also inspire you to try them out yourself because the thought of showcasing those edible sweets on your dessert table is simply irresistible. The range of themed parties featured here will enthuse you to start planning yours right away.

Smart Party Planning

Just because you don’t have a lot of cash to splash out on your planned party does not mean you can’t turn it into something amazing. Smart Party Planning is all about setting out a structure to make the process easier.

The creative woman behind this blog does not only generously provide a comprehensive checklist for a party-planning enthusiast. She also shares easy-to-follow recipes, party ideas for both boys and girls, and lots of free printables. It’s a one-stop party-blog inspiration that will keep you within budget.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

One of the most challenging parts of planning a party is to consider the many things you need. Sometimes, you forget that one minute detail can make or break it. Thankfully, Twinkle Twinkle Little Party comes to the rescue.

From pulling off a magical unicorn inspired woodland party to hosting a casual summer bridal bash, this blog will delight the creative soul in you while taking you through the step-by-step process of achieving the party theme of your choice.

Michelle’s Party Plan-It

Celebrating and creating memories is possible when you know how to plan a party with flair. From birthdays, holidays, baby showers, weddings, or graduations, Michelle’s Party Plan-It got your back. You don’t even need to go to great lengths to achieve the party of your dreams.

Michelle shares simplified party ideas with attainable details that will still make your celebration something to remember. Her blog has party guides, crafts, and recipes.

Frog Prince Paperie

For those who need a perfect creative outlet, party planning is the best course. Inspired by a fairytale, Frog Prince Paperie has DIY tutorials, printables, and of course, novel party ideas. Let your creativity shine by trying out these inspirations and planning the best party that will impress your guests and make you proud.

Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

Entertaining is an art. It takes more than just money and effort. There are the small details that you take care of, from the food and drinks to the decorations. Having parties at home does not need to be lavish to achieve the high-end feel.

Keisha Sibert from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams shares her expertise in entertaining at home through affordable party ideas, styling tips, simple crafts, and easy recipes. And the best part of it all? This blog helps you find the best way to work on your budget!

Laura’s Little Party

A party theme makes all the difference when you have something to celebrate. How would you want yours to take shape? Will it be fun and games or with a touch of the whimsical?

Laura’s Little Party can lend you a hand as you try to make up your mind through her fun party inspirations, budget-friendly party ideas, recipes and so much more. Laura will even go beyond that as her enjoyable party ideas also include unique props and all the other fun details that will make a party one of a kind.

Little Miss Party

The amount of time and effort you pour into planning a party does not go unnoticed. That’s why you do not stop looking for ways to make it all worth it.

If you want to nail the occasion and turn it into one memorable day, Little Miss Party is your best bet. They have all the tricks in one bag, from entertaining, to holiday celebrations, to recipes and DIY treasures. Whether you’re organizing a bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday in style or simply want to create a tablescape for your favorite holiday, this website will help you every step of the way.

Celebrations at Home

What makes a home party unforgettable? All the little details that you put into it! From the guest list, to delicious food, to beautiful decorations and a unique theme, learn how to mix them all with style by visiting Celebrations at Home. A treasure trove of party inspiration, tips, DIY projects, delectable recipes tailored for every occasion, this blog truly lives up to its promise of stylish entertaining.

Amy’s Party Ideas

Celebrations of any kind often leave more than just satisfied tummies and big, happy smiles. There are always special memories that you look back on years down the road.

Create your own special memories by making your parties extraordinary. The best way to achieve this grand idea is to make each one unique. This includes personalized party details that will require a lot of time, money, and effort, but it is attainable.

Find your inspiration at Amy’s Party Ideas, a blog filled with ways to turn all of life’s celebrations into memories that will last a lifetime, with inspiring tips, DIY tutorials, and free customizable party printables.

Eye Candy Creative Studio

Whether you’re into creating beautiful DIY crafts for party decors and favors or designing event prints and signs, Eye Candy Creative Studio has appealing ideas and inspirations to make your latest party planning a breeze. From cake toppers and banners, party props, and art prints, every occasion will feel exceptional if you’re inspired enough to unleash your creative juices, all with the help of this blog, of course.

Pretty My Party

All the pretty details that go into party planning can be overwhelming. But with zeal and the right inspiration, you can turn any occasion into something special.

That’s what Pretty My Party is all about. This blog is the best resource for parents, brides-to-be, or event planners who want to take care of all the minute details and keep everything perfect. It features stylish party plans, holiday ideas, recipes, and crafts to inspire you on your next special occasion.

The Party Goddess

From concept to completion, organizing an event takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience. Marley from The Party Goddess knows the ins and outs of every planning stage until its full culmination. So if you are planning to mark a special occasion and make it extraordinary, visit this blog and learn the tips, tricks, and hacks of turning every party into one fabulous experience.

GreyGrey Designs

Hosting parties in the modern age can be dizzying with all the unique concepts and dazzling theme choices. Brittany from GreyGrey Designs draws from her extensive experience in the large-scale-event industry to help you navigate the world of party planning.

If you want fun, over-the-top parties with minimum stress and within budget, this blog is for you. Find your inspiration for weddings, rehearsal dinners, children’s parties, in-home soirees, and baby showers here, from the planning stage to its magnificent culmination.

Elva M. Design

Having a penny-pincher budget shouldn’t hinder you from pulling off the party of your dreams. Head on over to Elva M. Design, and discover swoon-worthy party inspirations and enticing printables to cap it all off. This blog teaches you about party decorations that are neither time-consuming nor costly with an array of DIY ideas. Gather people together, and make it worth their while.

Ava’s Alphabet

Moms who are juggling work and family life may think that it’s unworkable to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to planning their children’s party. Here comes Ava’s Alphabet, a wonder blog from a busy mom rich in party planning ideas, recipes, and DIY projects. It is just what you need to mark any occasion with style.

Giggle Living

Make party planning enjoyable by unleashing your creative spirit and getting crafty. Giggle Living has everything from DIY projects to recipes that you can try your hands on and turn the party you are organizing into a day to remember. The tips, tutorials, and inspirations here are easy to follow and budget-friendly.

Our Crafty Mom

Decorating parties can be fun and exciting, especially if you create your own crafts and decors yourself. Add the thrill of baking and preparing the food fit for every occasion, and you will experience a different kind of fulfilment. So if you want a place to look for ideas on crafts, DIY projects, and scrumptious recipes with a personal touch, seek the help of Our Crafty Mom and make every party you plan special.

Life with Lorelai

If you love throwing parties for your family and friends, then Life with Lorelai is for you. Discover a range of appetizing food that will satisfy the stomach and fun, fabulous decors to set the mood. You’ll know every drop of sweat is worth it once you hear the rave reviews from your guests.

Hoopla Palooza

You already have the venue in mind and the list of food you want to showcase on your upcoming party, but you want to do something to spice it up. In Hoopla Palooza, you will stumble upon a wealth of ideas for party favors, treats, and party props to take the celebration to a whole new level. Let this blog inspire you to get crafty and creative.

Nanny to Mommy

Every child’s birthday is special. For mothers who want to make the party perfect, Nanny to Mommy is a conversational blog that shares everything from parenting, gift guides, recipes, and of course, the tips and tricks to plan an amazing party. Reading through this treasure trove of inspirations will give you the push you need to give your little one the time of his or her life.

Crafty Texas Girl

How to balance motherhood and fulfilling the thirst for creativity? Crafty Texas Girl knows the way. This artsy blog will give you all the inspiration you need to turn your party planning into something that’s one of a kind. From party decors, cake toppers, adorable printables, and cheerful backdrops, you will be sure you can keep up with the latest trends and set the bar high when it comes to entertaining.

Mom Always Finds Out

Kids love a great party, and moms can sometimes feel the pressure mount to give their little ones precious memories on their special day. Good thing there are blogs that can give you endless inspiration to pull off a party of a lifetime.

Mom Always Finds Out is one of them. Filled with party ideas, crafts, and recipes, this blog is with you every step of the party-planning process.

Legally Crafty

You may love scrolling through Pinterest to get inspirations for party ideas but end up getting frustrated when you fail to find where to go for the supply materials or that they are way beyond your budget. Holly from Legally Crafty shares and understands your frustration that’s why she makes it a point to rectify that mistake in her delightful blog. Here you will find DIY crafts and inspirations for get-togethers, with information on where to go for supplies and for how much.

Sugar Parties LA

An inspiration hub for every occasion, Sugar Parties LA knows how to kick off any party in style. From birthdays and baby showers to weddings, this blog has all the unique and original party ideas that the planner in you will love. It features many themed parties where every detail is painstakingly laid out to create a remarkable outcome, whether it’s the bottle labels, cake toppers, or the sinfully delectable desserts.

Abby Creative Designs

One of the joys of a parent’s life is the chance to provide their little ones the best that they deserve. No wonder they give everything when it comes to commemorating every milestone of their children’s life, from their first walk and first talk to their birthdays and many achievements. From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Abby Creative Designs lends a hand to all mothers out there as you plan a party that your kids will truly love.

Sweetly Chic

Whether you want to bring romance and elegance to a wedding or turn a birthday into an extraordinary memory, Sweetly Chic brings a detail-oriented approach to every event. Themed decors, DIY crafts, mouthwatering recipes, and other party inspirations pepper this blog. If you are looking for the right push to start your party planning, you can’t go wrong by checking out this corner of the web.

Restless Risa

From one gifted mom to another, Restless Rissa shares tips, inspirations, and creative ideas to turn any party into a superb occasion. Themed parties featured in this blog are detailed and a joy to explore, with Rissa bringing you through each stage of the party setup, from the decorations and table settings to the food and games. Make any event fun and memorable by blending the party elements into a wonderful whole.

My Dolce Designs

When it comes to weddings, you’ll want nothing short of perfection. Every detail must be accounted for. Of course, you can’t let the dessert table and the wedding cake sit in the back seat.

If you want to find inspiring ideas on beautiful dessert tables and modern wedding cakes, My Dolce Designs is the best choice. Featured in many magazines, like Romantic Homes Magazine and Vintage Holiday Magazine, this company is the premium provider of wedding cakes in Houston. Let it inspire you to create the fabulous wedding of your dreams.

The Sweet Sensations

What can turn an occasion even sweeter than an array of dessert and cake offerings? The Sweet Sensations has recipes for every occasion that won’t only wow your guests but will also keep them coming back for more. Aside from that, the cake-decorating goddess behind this awesome blog also shares her secrets in styling parties, designing tabletops, money-saving ideas, and simple DIY projects.

Giggles Galore

Having been featured in many magazines and blogs, Giggles Galore is a leading inspiration in entertaining and turning ordinary occasions into something extraordinary. Learn how you can celebrate life’s little moments through creative, budget-friendly crafts, recipes, and splendid party ideas. You can achieve all that and more without spending a fortune. Neat, eh?


Get your creative mind running while planning your next party. And while you are at it, let Tikkido guide you every step of the way with its impressive party ideas, delicious recipes, and tons of tutorials. Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, or any other occasion, you’ll be sure to find inspiration in this blog.

Enchanted Parties Montreal

Geared toward the Montreal and West Island party planners and enthusiasts, Enchanted Parties Montreal is a website for whimsical party decorations that will turn any event into something magical. The blog is a rich haven of ideas and inspirations on different parties and events, from the planning stage to the decorations. The blog also has a shop that gives you an array of party theme choices and concepts.

Teacups and Trucks

Hailing from the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, Teacups and Trucks specializes in children’s celebrations and entertainment. The amount of time, energy, and effort that the people behind the company put into every party and event they organize has impressed many happy customers.

Hire their services to fulfill your little one’s dream party. You can also check out their blog for party inspirations and DIY craft ideas.

A Lovely Design

Creating designs and decorations to kick off a party in style does not have to be stressful and time-consuming. If your ideas for the party are all over the place, visit A Lovely Design for helpful tips and tricks on pulling off a themed party of your choice. From party styling and printables to dessert ideas, this blog has it all.

Made of Sugar and Spice

Do you want to give your favorite girl a fabulous birthday bash or an unforgettable bridal shower? Made of Sugar and Spice will help you do that without any hassles. They live up to their motto, “You bring the cake and we do the rest.”

You only need to sit back and relax while they bring to life the soiree that is exceptionally yours. Plus, their blog is a haven of ideas, inspirations, tips, and fun behind the scenes that will help you plan your next girls’ event in style.

Sweet P Parties

Celebrating an event lets you create not also parties but also lasting memories. Sweet P Parties offers party packages that will suit your party taste and style. Its blog is filled with parties that Monica organized, with behind-the-scenes details and party tips and ideas that will help you to pull it off.

Joy in the Commonplace

What started out as a creative outlet becomes a full-blown blog for party styles and ideas. Sabrina, the ingenious brains behind Joy in the Commonplace, has an eye for details. She shares her expertise in creating unique party themes and custom decorations to inspire your own party-planning efforts. DIY projects, tips, and guides abound here. Explore and unleash your creativity.

A Sweet Touch

Parties of any kind require keen attention because every detail counts. From event design and decor to dessert experience and styled photography sessions, Rachelle Grace provides it all. Make every celebration in your life a memorable experience by letting this blog inspire you from dressing up the venue to bringing your chosen party theme to life.

A La Mo

Aimed for those who want to celebrate with style, A La Mo has a blog that shares fun DIY ideas, party decor, and party recipes to start your party brainstorming. You’ll learn how to achieve a certain theme with tips on creating look of the venue and setting the perfect party atmosphere. Bring your brand of entertaining to a whole new level.

Ice Cream off Paper Plates

Balancing your responsibilities as a mother and feeding your creative spirit can be done when it comes to giving your child the best party of his or her life. If you want inspirations and ideas on to celebrate a milestone in your children’s life, seek the help of Ice Cream off Paper Plates to find party and entertaining ideas, inexpensive DIY party and craft projects, and simple recipes.

Made by a Princess

If you’re someone who enjoys recipes, DIYs tutorials, party ideas, and honest product reviews, then Made by a Princess is the blog just for you. Here you will discover ways to achieve fun, affordable, and breathtaking parties that will give you and your family memories to cherish. Give every celebration a touch of magic.

Fête Gazette

Make your celebrations colourful and unforgettable by drawing inspiration from the charming blog at Fête Gazette. It has gathered inspiring blogs that tackle all the fun elements of party planning, from the DIY decors and invitations to party favors and dessert recipes—all in one place! Explore and find fabulous ideas that will make the planner in you extremely happy.

The Dabbling Crafter

Sometimes, planning a party means literally taking it in your own hands to do things. If you’re interested in or passionate about crafting, creating unique pieces for your party is a perfect way to liven up dull spaces at the party venue.

The Dabbling Crafter is a repository of amazing crafting projects you can do by yourself. A lot of these ideas involve repurposing items at home, so it shouldn’t cost you too much to work on your party decorations. For the thrifty thrower of parties, that means more money for food and other party essentials.

AAU Blog

Moms are often weighed down with responsibilities and demands from family and career, but some women find a healthy balance between both and still make way for travel, adventures, and hobbies such as crafting and party planning. Rebecca from All About U knows how to do all those and more. If you are looking for tips, inspiration, and insight on lifestyle, parenting, and home, this blog is your best bet. There are many entries tackling the joys and challenges of traveling and the many beautiful destinations she has been to, with travel advice that will help you plan yours in style. Plus, Rebecca also shares her amazing collection of healthy and delicious recipes that will delight your family and friends.


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