How To Use Our Water Bottle Labels

How To Use Our Water Bottle Labels

These water bottle labels add that perfect touch to any celebration! You may be wondering how exactly these labels work! Well, I’m going take you step-by-step to show you how to use these from start to finish! 

 Step 1: Get Your Water Bottles

Any standard size water bottles will do - I'll be using 16oz water bottles to show you how it's done. (Tip: make sure your water bottles are room temperature for this project). 


➤ Step 2: Remove the Original Water Bottle Labels

This should be super easy, regardless of the brand of water bottles you're using. Removing the original labels will help your new, labels adhere. 


➤ Step 3: Grab Your Fancy Labels

For this example I'll be using our DISTINCTIVS® Happy Birthday Collection Labels - you can do this with any of our water bottle labels! 


➤ Step 4: Wrap Your Decorative Labels Around the Water Bottles

Peel and stick your new water bottle label around the water bottle. Start with one end and wrap all the way around the water bottle until the label is completely wrapped around.


➤ Step 5: Chill your water bottels and enjoy!

Place your water bottles in the fridge or ice bin before your event—don’t worry—the labels are waterproof! And now you can relax a little before your big event! 


I hope these tips and tricks were helpful! Drop a comment to show off your successes with these water bottle labels! 

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