How To Make a Beehive Centerpiece (with Pictures)

How To Make a Beehive Centerpiece (with Pictures)

What could be sweeter than a Bumble Bee baby shower? This theme is a favorite for gender reveal baby showers to let friends and family know what the baby will “bee!”

Read on for 5 easy steps on how to create this cute centerpiece that won’t have you feeling like a busy bee.

Items you’ll need for each centerpiece:

  •      Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  •      Twine
  •      Scissors
  •      Yellow Spray Paint
  •      Black Acrylic Paint
  •      Paintbrush
  •      2 Small Terracotta Clay Pots
  •      2 White Pipe Cleaners
  •      Distinctivs® Bumble Bee Baby Shower Stickers


Hot glue around the rim of one terracotta pot. 

Press both pots together, rim-to-rim, and let dry.


Starting at the bottom, string twine around the pots, gluing every few inches until you reach the top. Cut off the excess twine.


In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the clay pots and twine yellow. 

Allow to dry.


Use the black acrylic paint and your paintbrush to paint an “opening” on the beehive like pictured. Let dry.


Use your Distinctivs® Bumble Bee Baby Shower Stickers to decorate the hive! 

Then, bend the pipe cleaners and glue to the top like pictured below. When it's dry, use more stickers to decorate with "flying" bees.

(Optional: Scatter flowers around the completed centerpieces for a bee-utiful added touch!)

For other baby shower tips that are just the bee’s knees, check out our blog on Bumble Bee Baby Shower Ideas!

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