How To Use Our Candy Wrapper Labels For Your Party

These stickers wrap perfectly around mini candy bars and chap-stick tubes to create the perfect finishing touches to your baby shower, birthday party, or any special event.  

Not exactly sure how to use them? I'm about to take you step-by-step from start to finish - so, read on! 

➤ Step 1: Start with the Sweet Stuff

Grab your bag of Hershey's® Miniatures candy bars. I love the assorted party bag the most! Make sure you are using the Miniatures and not the nuggets! 

*please note that candy is not included with these stickers.

➤ Step 2: Grab Your Miniatures Candy Stickers

Slide your sticker sheets out of their packaging and get them ready for action! Note that you can use any of our miniature wrapper designs, but for this tutorial I'll use our DISTINCTIVS® It's a Girl Collection Stickers as an example.

➤ Step 3: Take a Seat!

Because you and your hard-working, party-planning self deserve it!  

➤ Step 4: Peel - and - Stick!

Peel each sticker one by one from the contact sheet and line up the front of the design with the front of the candy, and press lightly.

Next, flip the candy bar face down and stick both sticker ends to the back of the candy bar, like so:

➤ Step 5: Relax & Enjoy 

You have just created a party favor that your guests are going to LOVE—so do a little happy dance and enjoy the fact that your celebration is almost here!

 ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙


➤ Alternative Uses...

Chap-stick Wrapper:


Decorative Jar Labels:



And that's a wrap!


I hope these tips and tricks were helpful! Drop a comment to show off your successes with these water bottle labels! 




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