11 Incredible Space and Science Party Ideas

How do you get ready for a Space Party?   You PLANet!

Before the party starts, dress up snacks and party favors with these space and science water bottle labels and party stickers for the kids to enjoy!

science party favors

Whether you’re teaching a classroom full of students about the solar system or planning a science birthday party, get ready for some fun with these extraordinary space and science activities.

space party favors

1. Moon Sand

The messier it looks, the more fun it is, right? Let the kids make this quick and easy moon sand and exercise their imaginations.

space party idea for boys

Photo Credit: See Vanessa Craft

Just mix together 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil in a large bowl. (For larger groups, just double or triple the recipe.) Toss in some fun space toys and figurines for the kids to play with while they learn about the moon!


2. Phases of the Moon

Teach your kids or students about the different phases of the moon using Oreo cookies!

moon cookies for space party

Photo Credit: A Day in First Grade

Pass out a few cookies and plastic spoons or other “tools” to each student before asking them to sculpt the stuffing to create each phase of the moon. Afterwards, they can enjoy their creations with a cup of milk on the side.


3. Ivory Soap Experiment

This fun experiment always causes the best reactions the first time kids witness it. 

science party activity

Photo Credit: Teach Mama

Take a bar of Ivory soap and pop it in the microwave for one minute. Then, just sit back and wait for all the oohs and ahhs as the magic begins. Allow the soap to cool first, then let the kids mold and play with their creation while you teach them the science behind this fun activity.

Instructions and “How it Works”

4. Balloon Rockets

Try this fun and simple activity that the kids will love. Ask them to draw a rocket on a balloon so they can “launch” their own rockets.

rocket space party idea

Photo Credit: krokotak

Materials Needed:
-Drinking straw
-Yarn or String

If you’re trying this activity with a lot of kids, run two different strings across the room and have a rocket race!


5. Astronaut Pudding

Astronauts have a special diet while in space. The amount of food they’re able to store is limited and it must be prepared and packaged in a way so it’s still edible in space.

space party food idea

Photo Credit: Motherhood on a Dime

Incorporate this little treat in your lesson plan and let the kids make their own “Astronaut Pudding” so they can experience how real astronauts eat in space.


6. Diet Coke Experiment

This unforgettable experiment will be one that your kids talk about for years to come! 

science party experiment

Photo Credit: Pancakes & French Fries

You’ll probably want to try this one outside. All you need is a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and a pack of Mentos candy for each try. It’s so much fun that you’ll want to repeat it a few times!


7. Slime

This experiment turns any kid into a budding Scientist. 

science party create slim

It’s a totally hands-on activity that the kids will love getting to do all by themselves AND it only requires two ingredients!


8. Astronaut Glove Box

Let your kids pretend like they’re doing important scientific research for NASA by helping them create these fun astronaut glove boxes.

space party activities

Photo Credit: Gift of Curiosity

Materials Needed:
-Cardboard Box
-Duct Tape
-Box Cutter
-Child-Sized Rubber Gloves
-Plastic Wrap
-Various items, rocks, or toys to “inspect”


9. Rainbow Skittles

A science experiment with Skittles? That’s right!

fun science birthday party experiment

Photo Credit: Fun with Mama

All you need is a bag of Skittles, a plate, and a cup of warm water and you’re ready to amaze your kids with this fun experiment.


10. Dippin’ Dots

Even astronauts scream for ice cream! 

space party ice cream idea

Photo Credit: Instagram

Though Dippin’ Dots aren’t exactly what astronauts get to enjoy in outer space, it’s a great visual to use to teach kids more about the types of food space explorers can eat.

You can even order these tasty treats online at DippinDots.com.

11. “Story Time from Space”

Grab your Dippin’ Dots or “Astronaut Pudding” and set up a screen that everyone can see for this fun activity. Watch a real astronaut read a story aloud from the International Space Station! There are several videos already posted on the "Story Time from Space" website, and more are coming soon.

Check out Astronaut Katie Rubins read Rosie Revere, Engineer. Make sure to point out to the kids the effects that almost zero gravity has on Astronaut Katie’s long hair!

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